Physiotherapy Services in Bournemouth

We provide a complete range of physiotherapy services in Bournemouth.  Whether you are an athlete, or more sedentary and have a joint problem or even a chronic condition we are able to provide you the very best in research based practice.

Pain in a man's body. Isolated on white background. Collage of several photos highlighting areas of the body such as back, shoulders and elbows treated by Talbot Physiotherapy Services Bournemouth

We offer physiotherapy for:

  • Knee and lower leg
  • Foot and ankle
  • Back pain
  • Neck, head and upper back
  • Shoulder and upper arm
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries

Electrical Therapeutic Modalities

We treat patients with a comprehensive range of Electrical Therapeutic Modalities either on their own or in conjunction with exercise.  The various modalities include:

  • Ultrasound – sound waves to promote healing, breakdown adhesions and scar tissue with pain relief
  • Interferential – used to reduce swelling, promoting healing and pain relief
  • Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy – bathing the tissue in electrical energy which recharges the cells that make up the tissue.  Promotes healing and reduces pain
  • Shockwave – for more chronic conditions, breaking down scar tissue and starting the healing phase again
  • Intermittent Compression – Used to quickly reduce swelling in a limb, also helps to mobilise a limb again

As well as providing treatment we can support you with advice and exercises suited to your individual needs.

 All our therapists are Members of Physiofirst and are HCPC Registered

Knee Arthroscopy Treatment Case Study

Knee Arthroscopy can be painful afterwards and it can be difficult to get going again. Electrotherapy coupled with progressive exercises can really speed up your return to everyday activities! 

Picture of heavily bandaged knee

Post operative picture of knee requiring physiotherapy

Picture of bandaged knee being treated with electrotherapy device

Treatment can be started the next day

Picture of knee with small plaster with electrotherapy device suspended over it

As the treatment progresses other modalities can be introduced

Picture of knee wrapped in large padded objects

Interferential Therapy, reducing oedema of the knee joint

Picture of knee with small plaster

A few days later in the same week