Picture of Greg Welch's Marathon medals

Greg’s Marathon medals include and shown here Boston, New York, and Hawaii

Picture of a letter from Watford Football Club

One of Greg’s many letters from Graham Taylor thanking him for his physiotherapy support

Picture of a large house with pillars and a gate to the front in which sits a car with the letters p h z i and o on the number plate

The entrance to our practice in Talbot Woods, Bournemouth

Picture of a stand alone building with a light green door and arches with windows to either side of the door and gravel frontage with smart bushes in pots Picture of several large electrically powered items of medical equipment Picture of a treatment room with couch, desk and chair with books in the background and electrical medical equipment on a trolley Picture of a physiotherapists table and various pieces of medical equipment with a window in the background Picture of waist height trolley on wheels with several shelves containing electrical medical equipment

Our treatment room

Picture of man sitting partially on a table with one leg raised horizontal across the table and the other leg vertical to the floorly Picture of man sitting partially on table with one leg on the floor and one leg lifted toward himself with foot flat on the table

Spurs and Argentinian World Cup Star Ricky Villa increasing his range of movement following a meniscus operation

Picture of physiotherapist with a clipboard monitoring a woman on an exercise bicycle

Fitness testing at The Alhambra

Picture of a group of students watching physiotherapist with hands on the feet of a man lying on a physiotherapy couchPicture of a group of students watching physiotherapist with hands on the head of a man lying on a physiotherapy couch Picture of the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China and Greg’s lecture tour of Beijing and Guanzhou

Picture of two teams of footballers one in white shirts the other in red and white heading out onto the pitch in two straight lines

Greg is pleased that he is now supporting, advising and treating the players of Bournemouth FC “The Poppies!”